BAQRON reason for being chosen as attractive

Maker 0.02% Taker 0.04%!
Transaction fees are the lowest in the industry!

BAQRON is a new exchange, but I am confident in the low transaction fees.The commission is 0.02% for manufacturers and 0.04% for takers, which are as cheap as those of major companies.

FX trading in rich currencies

Wouldn't the key to choosing a securities company be the currency type in addition to the commission?BAQRON handles more than 20 different currencies, from major to minor currencies!!We can trade them up to 125 times more leverage.There are about 16 major securities companies, so the difference is overwhelming!!We have prepared a business environment that will satisfy beginners as well as experienced people.

Uses a trusted BINANCE API.
And save on handling fees!

The trading system uses the API of BINANCE, the world's largest exchange.Even if the market price fluctuates a lot, there will be no slipages.In addition, BAQRON partners with BINANCE, so the deposit and withdrawal fees from BINANCE are much lower than those from ordinary exchanges.



Your trade
Powerful backup
Various analysis tools

Transaction volume analysis

BAQRON provides information to help traders trade. In the transaction volume analysis, we adopted a chart that shows at a glance how many transactions are being made in the virtual currency market. Let's proceed with transactions in an advantageous manner by watching the movements of "buying" and "selling" in the market. In addition, you can see the movement of the market on each exchange, and you can make effective transactions.

Market price analysis

Market price analysis shows at a glance which currencies are currently being traded and at what volume. You can aim for big profits by trading in an active market.

Sound alert

With Sound Alert, you can grasp the situation with sound according to the price movement. It prevents you from being distracted by other things and making big losses, and maximizes the back-up of your winning deals.

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